Launching right here on June 6.

Mission and State is primarily a destination website that will deliver powerful, deeply reported, richly experienced narratives from Santa Barbara with local, regional and sometimes national impact. We will focus on showcase investigative and explanatory journalism that uses the best digital-media technologies available to us, providing our readers with the most dynamic online storytelling experience possible. In so doing, we will inform and engage the community while fashioning a new standard for local, web-based journalism.

Mission and State will keep readers engaged with more frequent reports, blogs and coverage of Santa Barbara from issues to events, including arts and culture, essays and opinions as well as curating relevant and worthwhile links from other media. Mission and State will also endeavor to collaborate with other local media to enhance their delivery of impactful journalism.

What makes us unique? Quality, context, aesthetics, experience and empathy.

Mission and State, it's the most you can do.