Mission Statement

The mission statement of an organization briefly and succinctly formulates the mission( Mission ), the strategic goals ( vision ), and the essential orientations for the way of their implementation ( values ).

It is intended to give all members of the organization a uniform orientation and support their identification with the organization. It belongs to normative management and is an essential element of a corporate identity.


The goal of the mission statement

The mission statement clarifies the meaning and purpose of the company and provides a framework for daily action. Employees get an idea of ​​the company’s identity, goals, and strategy. Awareness of it motivates and binds employees. They know why and how to do their jobs. To do this, the mission statement must inspire employees to the company’s goals.

The corporate mission contributes to the image. This sets the company apart from the competition. The target groups are customers, business partners, and potential employees. Customers should be convinced of the company and the products or porn deals services, and business partners of a good basis for cooperation. Potential employees get an idea of ​​the company values ​​and can compare them with their own values.

Impact of the mission statement

The effects of successfully launching a corporate mission statement are:

Motivated employees
The basis for corporate goals and strategies
Clear and distinctive corporate identity
Decision support for executives
Assistance in conflict situations
Simplified personnel selection
Components of the mission statement
The mission statement can consist of:

Motto or slogan
A statement that clarifies the performance or self-image of customers or potential employees.

Mission and vision
A statement addressed to the customers and employees that show what the company stands for. The uniqueness of the company is in the foreground.

Values ​​and principles
They say something about how employees interact with each other.

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Design a mission statement

Companies can develop their mission statement in a mission statement project. The mission statement project must integrate the values ​​that are lived in the company and those that exist unconsciously. A catalog of measures with measured variables is necessary for the implementation. The goals of the mission statement must be feasible.

The individual goals must not contradict each other. Otherwise, they can not be implemented.
The mission statement should apply in the long term. Nevertheless, it must not be static and unchangeable. Changes or additions should be possible to respond flexibly and quickly to changing factors. An Erotica Discounts mission statement project can proceed as follows:
Select contributors for the mission statement project and assemble the project team
Who can deliver valuable contributions, and who is the opinion leader and multiplier in the company? Consideration of employees of all hierarchy levels in the selection.

Actual analysis

What values ​​and rules are lived in the company?
Example: What are the quality in the areas of project work, strategy development, and customer service?

Evaluation of the actual analysis

Can existing values ​​be included in the mission statement or should they be changed?
What would the ideal company look like?

Develop a corporate mission statement

Formulating business purpose, goals, mission, and values. Derivation of the corporate mission statement. Implementation of the guidelines set out in the mission statement
Communication of the mission statement, for example at company meetings or in training.
Managers live the mission statement.

Introduce the mission statement

If the new mission statement is firm, it must be reminded regularly in everyday business life. This requires informing the entire company and all parties involved, such as customers and business partners.


An important task and thus the advantage of the mission statement is the implicit coordination of decisions and activities in the company. By providing general guidelines through the mission statement, decision-makers are at least given broad guidance, which facilitates coordination through appropriate mechanisms. Another important goal of the discount porn from Daily Porn Discounts mission statement definition is the creation of a corporate identity, which is a connecting element, which gives the employees a sense of belonging to the company and gives the company a characteristic profile. Signaling to external groups such as customers or suppliers is also an important task.

The disadvantages of the mission statement result above all from the danger that it is formulated too generally and thus becomes non-binding. On the other hand, if the mission statement is defined too narrowly, it can contribute to formalization and loss of flexibility. Nor can the standards and values ​​of individual employees be in line with the mission statement, which may be the case, above all, for internationally active companies due to socio-cultural differences in individual countries. As a general rule, it should be ensured that the mission statement, even in difficult times, represents a suitable orientation guide for the company and does not become a “fair weather event”. Frequent changes to the mission statement lead to confusion among the internal and external target groups, which is why this should be avoided.