Jeremy is a homeless veteran living in the streets of Santa Barbara.


2014-2015 Citizen Participation Plan

County determines how to use federal HOME Investment Partnerships Program and Community Development Block Grant funds.


Santa Barbara Two-Year Operating Budget

Adopted for the fiscal years 2014 and 2015.


Video: Making the Case

Watch police show off Operation Falling Dawn and their gang violence crackdown.



Updates & Events

  • About 26 percent of the students at La Cuesta do not have Internet access at home. (Alex Kacik)


    Santa Barbara is just one of the districts working to implement California Common Core standards, a dramatic change in how students learn. The math and language arts standards move beyond memorization and the standardized test. Common Core applies practical skills and critical thinking to prepare students for college, the workforce and competition in the global economy.
    The iPads will be a tool for students as they prepare for next year’s Common Core online testing. If the pilot program is successful, the district will give the iPad Airs to every student in the district over the next few years. The district plans to hire an outside evaluator to determine the effectiveness of the program; the first report is expected to be out in one year.

  • Lake Cachuma has shrunk to 36 percent of capacity. (Mike Eliason)

    Pumping Up Costs

    Not since 1990 have local water agencies agreed to across-the-board cutbacks in a severe drought. It is the largest proposed reduction in the history of the reservoir, the main water source for the South Coast. After more than two years of little rain, the lake has shrunk to 36 percent of capacity, and water managers want to ensure that some reservoir supply will be available through 2015 and even into the winter of 2016, if the dry weather drags on.

    “We really had to buckle down and take a lot less water,” says Tom Fayram, deputy county public works director. Fayram called a meeting with the water managers of Carpinteria, Goleta, Montecito and Santa Barbara earlier this month. “If we do get a big rain year,” he said, “then we can change the allocations midstream.”

  • A taxi waits outside of the Santa Barbara County Main Jail, which is located just off Calle Real. (Alex Kacik)

    Sheriff Attempts to Curb Late-Night Jail Releases

    Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies search nine female inmates who assume the position—legs spread, hands up against the wall of the transportation corridor in the Santa Barbara County Main Jail. The women are chained in pairs by the wrist and are wearing navy blue jumpsuits, orange socks and blue Croc sandals. This is standard procedure for the 130 or so male and female inmates who are bussed to and from North County every day.