Part of Our Life

Longtime Santa Barbara residents move out of the home they built themselves.


2014 County Unmet Transit Needs Assessment

Country Association of Governments to vote on report findings Thursday.


Ronald Greene

Homeless just three weeks now, he says he's waiting to get back into his trailer.


Oh, the Humanities

Research powerhouse UCSB waves its liberal arts banner.



Updates & Events

  • A taxi waits outside of the Santa Barbara County Main Jail, which is located just off Calle Real. (Alex Kacik)

    Sheriff Attempts to Curb Late-Night Jail Releases

    Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies search nine female inmates who assume the position—legs spread, hands up against the wall of the transportation corridor in the Santa Barbara County Main Jail. The women are chained in pairs by the wrist and are wearing navy blue jumpsuits, orange socks and blue Croc sandals. This is standard procedure for the 130 or so male and female inmates who are bussed to and from North County every day.

  • Fewer Latinos have enrolled in the Covered California health care exchange than expected. (Alex Kacik / photo illustration)

    Race to the Finish

    Covered California is in the final stages of a major push to enroll the uninsured as the March 31 deadline to sign up looms. In Santa Barbara County and throughout the state, officials are working feverishly to enroll Latinos, a population that so far has been reticent to embrace the healthcare plan. “On the whole we’ve done a very good job,” said state Sen. Hannah Beth-Jackson (D-Santa Barbara). “What we haven’t done a good job at is reaching the Latino community. It’s been a disappointment, quite frankly.”

  • Princess Sapphire is one of the many cruise ships that visits Santa Barbara. (Alex Kacik / file photo)

    Sea Change

    Tourists spent $943 million, infused $26.4 million in tax revenues and created nearly 8,000 local jobs in the city of Santa Barbara last year, according to Visit Santa Barbara, a nonprofit tourism agency. More people are coming to Santa Barbara, both in cars and on cruise ships, and they are staying longer in hotels and spending more money everywhere they go.